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Welcome to Paint Zoom Reviews. My name’s Henry

Let me say a big welcome to you! You’re about to read my uncensored view of the Paint Zoom sprayer. I started this site because I read so many biased reviews and hyped up marketing about this product.I wanted to cut through all the hype and give you the most honest  Paint Zoom Reviews so that you know exactly what to expect before you purchase it.

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After seeing the Paint Zoom commercial I decided to inform people of the truth behind the claims and see if it really does deliver what it promises. Be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that‟s something you don’t want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

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Paint Zoom Reviews

This section covers how Paint Zoom Works to make your paint jobs easier, the pros and cons of Paint Zoom, who it’s designed for and some honest reviews of people who have used it. This page also looks at the best and safest way to order Paint Zoom with bonuses and a money back guarantee. Read all about it here:
Paint Zoom Reviews and Paint Zoom Review

Where to Buy Paint Zoom with Bonuses and Discounts

The only place to buy Paint Zoom online is from the official Paint Zoom site. It is only available for shipping within the US and Canada. If you’re in the UK and you have a friend or relative in the US you can get them to order it and send it to you. There are some imitation brands on Amazon UK which we haven’t tested but you can check out any reviews there.

Read more about how to Buy Paint Zoom

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Paint Zoom Reviews – Is It Any Good?

If you’ve seen or heard about Paint Zoom on the commercial or you’re thinking about buying it but want to know if it’s any good before you purchase, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Paint Zoom Reviews!

Please note that this is a review. If you are looking to buy or visit the Paint Zoom official product page please CLICK this link,

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We will talk about what Paint Zoom is, how it works, the pros and cons of Paint Zoom and how it compares to other sprayers on the market. You’ll also find honest reviews from people who have used it and where you can buy Paint Zoom for the best possible price.

Ok so what is Paint Zoom?

Paint Zoom is a light and portable paint sprayer that claims to make painting much easier and faster than using brushes or rollers. Apparently, it makes painting your house quicker and more enjoyable and without all the strain or muscle fatigue on your arms.

How Does Paint Zoom Work?

Paint Zoom is made from a 650 watt motor attached to a pump motor. This sprays paint from the refillable paint cannister through a hose and paint nozzle, with reports of an amazing and flawless finish.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Paint Zoom?

To answer this it’s important to understand the TRUE uses of Paint Zoom and the paint jobs for which it is designed.  Paint Zoom consists of 1 quart container which makes it suitable for small paint jobs like tables, chairs, small fences etc. It’s not big enough to paint a full sized wall as you would have to stop to clean and refill it alot. It can also get tiring to carry around the heavy quart container for larger jobs.

If you want to paint bigger walls, we would recommend getting a compressor based spray nozzle that can feed directly from a 1 to 5 gallon can of paint on the floor so you don’t have to carry it around or stop for refills!

As with any paint sprayer, you have to add time to do all the taping and protecting. They are widely used in new construction because they don’t have to protect anything.

If you have small paint jobs and don’t have to do much surface protection, then Paint Zoom is ideal!

What are The Reported Benefits Of Paint Zoom?

It seems that Paint Zoom has the following benefits for those smaller paint jobs:

1) Paint Zoom weighs just 4 pounds making it very portable and easy to use. You just strap it onto your shoulder and spray.

2) No more heavy lifting or repetitive motions of paint brushes and rollers. You don’t need to bend down to get more paint on your brushes reducing back pain and strain injuries.

3) Get your painting done quicker and more efficiently and with less work

4) No more paint spills on the floor or getting paint on your clothes or hands.

5) You can use Paint Spray on a variety of small jobs from fences,  tables, chairs, toys, small indoor and outdoor walls and doors, etc. As well as paints, you can also use varnishes, sealers, wood preservatives and car paints. The only restrictions on Paint Zoom are textured paints and those that are only recommended for brush application.

6) Affordable price and an easy 3 installment option, making it even more affordable!

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Paint Zoom Reviews – So what are Paint Zoom Users Actually Saying About It?

At Paint Zoom Reviews, we spent some time looking for honest reviews and feedback from actual Paint Zoom users that weren’t from the Paint Zoom website. Interestingly, we found mainly positive reviews about it.

A common concern that people may have: Is there a lot of overspray on edges and corners?

“Not a lot but there is some. With any paint sprayer there will always be overspray and you should protect surrounding surfaces with masking tape” Brian

“I just bought The Paint Zoom. It is the easiest way to paint. It spreads so evenly. The thing I like the most is, you only have to go over the spot one time. So much easier than doing all of the painting with a brush” Jamie

“The first thing that caught my attention was the $99.99 dollar price. As I read on it is not only a great price but is also a quality product with practical functions. With the economy the way it is, people want economical products that save them time and money. After all, time is money” Shanelle

From a more seasoned decorater

“I am a very experienced painter(with a brush and roller). I was excited to try The Paint Zoom. It was very easy to use. The best part, The paint Zoom Kit was very simple. Most paint sprayers are more complicated and takes longer to figure out how to work than it would just using The Paint Zoom Kit” Heather

You can also check out this Paint Zoom Review

The concensus of users seems to be that whilst Paint Zoom isn’t a miracle product that will automatically paint for you, it will certainly make painting easier and more efficient for the smaller paint jobs when you have made the necessary preparations to use Paint Zoom.

Where Can I Buy The Paint Zoom – Are There Any Discounts?

Paint Zoom Reviews aims to give you the most affordable prices and safest options to buy.

The easiest and safest way to buy Paint Zoom is from the official Paint Zoom website itself. Here, you can either pay in one affordable sum or make it even more affordable by using their 3 installment payment option. They pay for the 4th installment plus you get $25 in bonuses and free gifts.

Standard shipping is 2 to 4 weeks within the US and Canada for $19.95. You can also get rush shipping within 5 days for an additional $9.95

There is a 30 day money back guarantee minus the shipping costs plus a full one year warranty. Click below to take advantage of this excellent price.

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Buy Paint Zoom – Any Benefits & Bonuses

Ok so we’ll talk about about what you get when you buy Paint Zoom and what to expect!

The easiest and safest way to Buy Paint Zoom is from the official Paint Zoom site. There are some imitation products out there so I want to ensure you get the genuine product.

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Paint Zoom Review – What’s It Really Like?

Welcome to Paint Zoom Review. In this article we will discuss whether Paint Zoom lives up to it’s hype and promise of being the best way of painting. We’ll also share some honest reviews, benefits of Paint Zoom and where to get the best prices.

Paint Zoom Benefits

1)  Pull the Paint Zoom trigger and you get an instant and wonderful spray paint job. No more tiring brush strokes, awkward angles, stretches, repetitive motions and strains.

2) Get your paint job done in half the time and with much less effort. It takes the boring tiring feeling out of painting.

3) Light and portable. It weighs just under 4 pounds so just strap onto your shoulder and spray away.

4) Gives you a great finish and it’s easy to use.

Paint Zoom Review – What Is It Really Like?

In Paint Zoom Reviews, we’ve talked about some of the benefits of Paint Zoom but is it really and a time and cost effective way to complete your paint jobs?

1. What about overspray on edges and borders or skirting boards?

You have to protect surfaces, edges and borders that you don’t want to paint with a plastic sheet or masking tape and this can take time. If you are prepared to be thorough and not rush, Paint Zoom will give you a great paint finish but don’t expect it to be done in 5 minutes.

Once you have prepared your room properly and protected all necessary surfaces, you will still have a much easier time painting with Paint Zoom than using brushes and rollers. Just press the trigger and spray and the paint will apply more evenly with less effort. It’s takes the repetive strain and motion out of painting which is great especialy if you do it regularly.

2. What kinds of paints work best with Paint Zoom?

Paint Zoom tends to prefer water based emulsion paints rather than solvent based gloss paints although these can be used. You just have to ensure that the container and the nozzle is thoroughly cleaned to prevent it from clogging up. Use warm water to clean emulsion paint or white spirits to clean solvent based gloss.

To clean the nozzle spray warm water or white spirit through it depending on which type of paint you have used.

Paint Zoom – Where Can I Buy it For The Best Price?

Paint Zoom is now being offered for a very affordable price. You can either pay for it in one price or use their easy to afford 3 payment installment plan.  With the installment option, they pay the last installment for you, meaning you pay 3 installments instead of four.

It comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee less shipping costs in the US and Canada plues a 1 year. You also get $25 in free gifts and bonuses.  Click below for more details.

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